About Us

Where is Sea Life Conservation?

We serve to protect nature and natural habitats wherever they may be threatened or impaired. We are headquartered on Long Island, New York, USA, and have members across the country. Long Island is a roughly 170-mile-long island with multiple barrier islands situated parallel to its south shore. These islands are a part of the great state of New York. We are passionate about global ecosystem health and preserving nature and natural habitats everywhere. We have members in several states and collaborate with environmental organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

All postal mail and correspondence:

Sea Life Conservation
2611 Merrick Road Unit #3
Bellmore, NY 11710


Our Founders

The founders of Sea Life Conservation have training and background in ecology & evolution, life histories, population dynamics, optimality modeling,  iterative-computer (generational) modeling, and have studied: the relationship between extirpation and migration across variable-in-quality habitats, predator-prey dynamics, inter- and intraspecific competition, and the evolution of heritable behavioral traits including foraging and reproductive strategies.

The founders see that the world can reap benefit from design of solutions to important problems when new understandings emerge from people and organizations sharing information and earnestly learning and working together.
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Sea Life Conservation gives ordinary people opportunities to do extraordinary things. Sea Life Conservation offers practical means to bring scientific understanding to policy makers through hard work, enables the public to participate in protecting marine life and coastal wildlife in ways they never before thought possible, and allows new and informed perspectives to solve real world problems.

What we are best at

Protecting Nature & Serving the Public Interest

Proposed projects and policies require full evaluation of impact on natural systems and on the public including on important habitat, on the relationship between humans and nature, on ecosystem health and on human health and well-being. Sea Life Conservation seeks to ensure a legacy of future ecosystem health for the future of humanity.
The public, our policymakers, and regulators can make informed choices  protective of marine and coastal wildlife only when they are informed. Political and commercial interests have the potential to interfere with objective analyses of how resources should be allocated and managed. Misuse of natural resources is the primary cause of severely declining wildlife populations and extinction events. Bringing people together to share information forges new understanding from the best available scientific research, and aids in the design of solutions to real problems faced by the oceans and coastal wildlife.
Giving recognition to those who have fought to protect nature inspires others to do the same. Oftentimes, those with the courage, determination, and willingness to work for the betterment of our future  sacrifice so much. Appreciation and acknowledgement is duly given for such sacrifice and hard work. Giving recognition fosters connection and collaboration. We are stronger and can do more together than apart. Nominate someone today for recognition of their exceptional work.