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Sea Life Conservation counters disruptive forces that threaten to break the web of life, to ensure the fulfillment of a legacy of ecosystem health and its future benefit to humanity. Sea Life Conservation shows the cost of loss of our natural resources, including coastal, marine, both freshwater and tidal wetland habitat, and other natural resources when these are proposed to be appropriated for uses which impair them. Sea Life Conservation champions public policy that protects nature and protects public access to nature.

What we do

We protect coastal wildlife, wetlands, ocean life, and public access for all of the future.

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school of smooth silvery fish swimming calmly in clean water

Our Founders

The founders of Sea Life Conservation have training and background in ecology & evolution, life histories, population dynamics, optimality modeling,  iterative-computer (generational) modeling, and have studied: the relationship between extirpation and migration across habitats that vary in quality, predator-prey dynamics, inter- and intraspecific competition, and the evolution of heritable behavioral traits including of foraging and reproductive strategies.

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a cormorant sea bird feeding its chick